Courses & Outlines

This seven-month virtual program will give minority construction companies the practical knowledge they need to grow and sustain their businesses.

March 10, 2021

Course 1: Legal

Presented by Rhoades McKee PC

  • Form your business with the appropriate corporate entity
  • Set up your designation paperwork
  • Write construction contracts

April 7, 2021

Course 2: Financing

Presented by Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • Establishing banking accounts
  • Applying for commercial loans
  • Proper business insurance coverage, bonding, credit report repair

May 5, 2021

Course 3: Support

Presented by Beene Garter

  • Employment and unemployment paperwork
  • Finding an accountant
  • Managing back-office tasks

June 9, 2021

Course 4: Talent

Presented by BHS Insurance

  • Interviewing potential employees
  • Writing job descriptions and matching skills to positions
  • Cost containment

July 7, 2021

Course 5: Pivoting

Presented by Lisa Knight  

  • Job site conscious and unconscious biases
  • Microaggressions, behaviors, and equity
  • Workplace best practices to encourage diversity

August 11, 2021

Course 6: Sustainability

Presented by Christine Morse & Courtney Howe

  • Public relations and networking opportunities
  • Utilizing CRM software and email marketing
  • Branding through social media
Roundtable Discussion Image

September 8, 2021

Final: Roundtable Discussion

Meet with Construction Allies and mentors to discuss how to keep building your business and remain sustainable in the commercial construction industry.

All course dates are currently tentative. Enrolled companies will be notified of official course dates after applications have been approved.